dave pictureHello and thanks for stopping by. For starters, I wanted to tell tell people a little bit about myself so here it goes.

I have been involved in with weight training, bodybuilding and fitness for 27 years dating back to my teenage years. I am a 1985 graduate of Highlands Senior High School located in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. Shortly after high school, I chose to enter the NAVY, based on all of the war stories my Grandfather told me. He was in the army though. Knowing better than him, I chose the NAVY--Besides, how bad can it be waking up on the beach every morning. Wasn’t always that good, but most of my military experience was wonderful, and would do it again if they called me today. My bags would be packed in 3 minutes. GO NAVY! I had a couple of accidents while in the service, so I didn’t come out of it scratch free, and I am on my third set of 9 lives with only 3 or 4 left. If we ever become close as clients I will tell you more, but for now that is enough. After the Military I was awarded a full scholarship to any university.

WOW! Pretty cool, So I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Respiratory Therapy, and obtained a minor in Biology focusing on the Cardipulmonary system. I love the body and how it functions. We are true machines in every sense. After graduation, I was recommended by a few critical care specialist for a position with the best Pulmonary and sleep physicians in the city of Pittsburgh and they are know as AIR-MED. Associates in Respiratory Medicine, 5131 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh PA, 15222. One of my military accidents caught up with me and it changed my life permanently, and I had to leave the career I loved so much! Once again, I will share that with you if we ever develop a client trainer relationship. There is a lot in between, which I don’t feel is necessary to discuss.

I did have to rehab myself to walk again--ALONE with NO MEDS, or NO HELP, and it took every bit of a good 10 years. So I never care to hear from anyone that you CAN’T DO IT, because you can do any damn thing you want it you are determined and focused...This is how I came up with the name Inspiration Fitness. I took all of my medical knowledge and knowhow and want to help other accomplish what they feel is not achievable.

YOU CAN!!!! YOU CAN!!! YOU CAN!! Trust me!!!!

I am interested in helping others in all areas of fitness and mental health as well. No I am not a psychologist, but I am intelligent, and for what I accomplished on my own, I am willing to help other overcome as well, whatever that may be..

  • I have programs for senior fitness
  • Youth agility programs and strength conditioning
  • Adult fitness
  • Dietary development
  • Body Biomechanics--How to properly move weights or objects
  • Other therapeutic modalities

If you want to improve you life, and possibly change your life forever, give me a call, because I want to help!

Thanks for your time.
Sincerely, David C. Dymkoski

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