About Me

I am in the black shirt (David Dymkoski ) and my good friend Nick Greco of 26 years is the man in the grey shirt. I haven't seen my good friend in many years. I have heard that Nick was going through many detox centers and drug rehab facilities. Nick has his BSN in Nursing from a Pittsburgh University and comes from a terrific family which I have know most of my life. Our mothers graduated high school together and our friendship followed.

Life Challenges

We all have our obstacles or challenges in life. We learn from them and it molds us into who we are and what we represent today. Nick was so strung out and was taking every form of dope you could imagine. He lived homeless in the bucket of a front loader for a year in the Highland Park area. He was a mess and he confided many stories to me when we once again ran into one another in the gym. It felt wonderful to see my friend smile again and develop his body back to where we both were in high school when we competed in bodybuilding contest held in Bars and night clubs. Man was that fun, and we were both happy to be on stage if you could just imagine.


This picture means a lot to me because it just show everyone what someone can do when they want to do it. Nick is 47 and i am 45 years of age and was borne in 1967. It takes a lot to pull yourself from the trenches, and after all my friend went through he became a drug and alcohol counselor and preaches what not to do---Follow in his old footprints. We all have choices. There is no miracle pill for happiness or good health. Make the choice to do better in every thing you do.


If you can wake up every morning and tell yourself that today you are gonna make a masterpiece, and make a difference in someones life. Some way, do something different, lend a had to someone in need, say hello to a stranger, give someone a compliment and mean it. We're all here for a reason, so if you have choices don't kid yourself. Get serious, and you too can be a winner like my friend Nick.I hope everyone enjoyed reading this true story, because I sure enjoyed writing it.You have my sincere best wishes with everything you do.

David C. Dymkoski, BS, RCP, CPT

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