Loos Toof Fight Gear was established in 2007 in Pittsburgh, PA. The masterminds behind the business side of our company are Jason and Marcus. Jason was also the creative mind behind our business and our graphic specialist from his personal company, Insite WebSite Designs. Together we have formed a line of MMA clothing that defiantly knocks out the competition (one tooth at a time).

Our concepts and logos are unique, fresh and most importantly bad ass. We have already caught the eye of MMA fighters who have worn our logo in past events. Fighters will also be proudly displaying our logo in upcoming events. LOOS TOOF is all about MMA fighting, no matter what the level.

We are proud to represent fighters from the amateur level to the national level; fighters from all walks of life. To often people forget that to get to the "Big Time" you must first follow the path of the "unknown". We, the LOOS TOOF company have come out with a vengeance and are ready to take on the world.