Marcus' Updates

December 3rd-2011 The Accident
December 5th-2011 Surgery at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital to repair.
December 7th-2011 First time out of bed to lay in chair.
December 8th-2011 Possible blood clots...awaiting test results.
December 8th-2011 No blood clots and will be moved to a new facility.
December 9th-2011 Moved to Senica Place nursing home, Room 349.
December 10th-2011 Rough weekend! They can’t seem to be able to get the pain under control. Nursing home claims no air mattress, no potty chair, no wheel chair and no doc on site to call regarding the pain ((Do you believe that at a nursing home??) Anyone looking to punish your parents….we have a referral! (LOL)
December 12th-2011 They FINALLY rounded up a wheel chair and Marcus was gotten up for the first time. Still no appetite so we are all pushing milkshakes He has a really cool 84 year old roommate with MS who seems to keep Marcus in good spirits!
December 13th-2011 Taken to physical/occupational therapy where he is learning how to move himself out of bed to a chair, get around, get his own socks on…take care of himself. Mike Triffanoff came to visit, gave him a haircut and shave and that made him feel SO much better, but he wants to take a shower!! He is a tough kid to keep down!
December 14th-2011 Marcus is finally eating regular food – too bad the nursing home food is so bad, so if you plan to visit – CARE PACKAGES WORK!
On December 21st-2011 Marcus had his follow-up visit with the surgeon. Dr. Tarkin was impressed with Marcus “spirit.” He said most, only 3 weeks into this kind of injury with a long road ahead of them, are very depressed. Marcus’ spirits have been great, due to the overwhelming support from family and friends. He is to continue on non-weight bearing until February 8th. He will see Dr. Tarkin again on 1/18 and PT should have him bending his knees by then.
On December 23rd-2011 Marcus is “sprung” for the holidays! He will be at Lori’s parents in Allison Park until Monday. On Monday, he is permitted to go home, as Lori’s parents are off for the week and can be there while Lori works to care for him! Merry Christmas to all….and THANK YOU!
On December 26th-2011 Marcus was permitted to go home with regular nurse and physical therapy visits.
On January 7th-2012 Marcus got out of the house for the Fundraiser! It was a long night but he was very happy to see so many supportive friends! Thanks to all that showed up!
On January 18th-2012 Marcus was readmitted to Presbyterian Hospital with a large pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs), a very serious and life-threatening condition.
On January 21st-2012 Marcus was released to go home, on blood thinners for 6 months, with regular monitoring by nurses. He is now permitted to begin gait training, so he can FINALLY begin to be mobile, although limited!
On January 26th-2012 Marcus was readmitted to Shadyside Hospital with fluid in the chest wall. Another setback!
On January 30th-2012 Marcus was released to go home. Hopefully he will now be able to concentrate on physical therapy and get those legs moving and stronger!
On February 4th-2012 Another successful fundraiser at Mullen’s Bar and Grill. A special thanks to Bubba of 100.7FM, Linda Greene and Anne McQuade for all of their help. Also, deep gratitude to all of the contributors to the auction and those that attended to support Marcus!
On February 10th-2012 Marcus had a routine visit to have a chest X-ray to follow the progress of the lungs…..bad news! There is more than 1 liter of fluid in the chest wall. Once again, he is admitted to Shadyside Hospital to have a pigtail catheter placed, drain the fluid, and monitor his blood levels because there could be complications due to his being on blood thinners.

Fund Raising Events

January 7th-2011 At The Pub in the Park in Swissvale Pa 15218.
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February 4th-2011 Save the Date! Fundraiser sponsored by Bubba from 100.7FM at: Mullen's Bar and Grill Pittsburgh Pennsylvania UFC 126:Silva vs. Belfort.. Las Vegas-Black House MMA
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